Andres & Jayson, TTD session

This is the last chapter of this intense wedding. We had to postpone our last photo shoot because our bodies were asking for rest; we needed a little break.  After a day of rest, we were ready to go again, and on Monday we decided to spend the morning on a beach about 30 minutes away from Cartagena de Indias - in a very remote area overlooking the skyline of the city.  There were no tourists, no loud noises, just the grooms, the beach and I.
The water was freezing!  But the deal was that the newlyweds were to get in.  The cold water had poor Jayson screaming and suffering.  Andres seemed slightly less frighten by the low temperatures.  But I knew it was cold as I could feel the freezing water with each wave that touched my feet. But nothing stopped us from having a good time.  Andres and Jayson played on the beach, laughed, relaxed and braved the waves.  The best part was Jay’s “watch” with the mysterious voice saying the time out loud.  It scared me to death.  But Jay claimed he had never heard this before. They thought I was crazy and was hearing things.  Fortunately, a few days after they left, I heard the mysterious voice again.  It was coming from the phone I was borrowing during my stay there.  Thankfully, I'm not crazy! Or at least not enough to hear strange voices 😉




Último capítulo de esta intensa boda. Tuvimos que aplazar nuestro último encuentro, nuestros cuerpos no daban más de sí y necesitábamos un descanso. Pese a tener menos tiempo el lunes, decidimos dedicar la mañana a darnos un paseo por unas playas un poco más alejadas, sin turismo, con vistas al skyline de Cartagena de Indias.

El agua estaba congelada, el pobre Jayson sufrió, y Andrés intentó mantener la calma, mis pies estaban helados a cada ola que venía. Pero nada nos detuvo a pasar un buen rato, a pelear con las olas, relajarnos, y reír. Lo mejor de todo fue el reloj parlanchín de Jay, que me asustó dando la hora en voz alta, aunque él jamás lo había oído. Comprobaron que yo no estoy muy bien de la cabeza…. Y afortunadamente, días después volví a oír esa misteriosa voz… provenía del móvil que me habían prestado, no estoy loca!!! O al menos no tanto como para oír voces extrañas 😉